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Scented Putty: Calm

Scented Putty: Calm

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About the product
  • Therapeutic – Provides a multi-sensory therapeutic experience with touch and smell that will calm as it works hand muscles. Medium-weight putty provides resistance when worked to build hand muscles, arm muscles, dexterity and motor skills.
  • Promotes Calm and Focus – Helps children remain calm and attentive during schoolwork, transitions and other situations where focus and calm is needed.
  • Aroma Therapy – Lavender scent provides a calming influence and can promote sleep when used before bedtime or naptime.
  • Appropriate for All Ages – Ages 4 and up. Appropriate for children and adults for therapy and play.
  • Tested for Allergy and Safety – Safety-tested and CPSIA compliant. Free of gluten, casein, latex and soy. Weighs 3 ounces. Made of silicone in a lavender color.